Budget Accountability Now

California School Boards Association Endorses Prop 56.

January 6, 2003: Today the California School Boards Association, a collaborative group of virtually all of the state’s more than 1,000 school districts and county offices of education, announced its endorsement of Proposition 56. Click here for more information.

The Budget Accountability Act will:

• Require legislators to deliver a fair budget, on time. If the budget is late, legislators won't get paid and can't take time off until it's done. No budget, no pay and no vacation or action on other bills.
• Show voters how the money gets spent and how their elected officials vote on the budget.
• End budget gridlock by changing the legislative vote requirement to pass a budget and related taxes from two-thirds to 55%.
• Set up a "Rainy Day Fund" to protect services in bad times.

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Volunteers Led an Unprecedented Signature Gathering Drive

• We collected one million signatures in less than 60
• One out of every five signatures was collected by
• We believe the speed with which we were able to gather signatures for the Budget Accountability Act demonstrates that California voters are hungry for real budget reform now.

How to Get Involved:

• Add your Name to the Real Budget Reform Campaign
• Make a contribution
• Tell us your story

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